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Xmas 2021 / virtual edition

Week 1 28/11-3/12 2021
Week 2 5/12-10/12 2021

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Live and pre-recorded classes with Andreas & Mette,
Mickey & Kelly,
Mia (Solo) and Olga (solo)



3 online parties with DJed music, competition, teachers intros and more. Join FOR FREE!


Win a free full pass for Bal-Love Weekend 2021!


Bal quiz

Find out how much do you know about Bal! On Sunday at Bal-Love Xmas.



12 live and pre-recorded classes of different topics with Andreas & MetteMickey & KellyMia (Solo) and Olga (solo).
Classes are for ALL LEVELS and you can buy them a la carte.
Live classes are scheduled to be streamed online during the weekend 18.-20.12.2020 (check the schedule below).
After this date those live classes will be available with the rest of pre-recordered classes for you to download.
You can buy all classes until summer 2021.


A deep dive into shuffles:
In this class, we’ll deconstruct the shuffle basic and rebuild it from scratch! We’ll discuss ideas on how to move your feet in new ways and how to use the floor to your advantage to make your dancing look both stylish and smooth.

Mia 1 (solo)


Sliding and gliding:
Moving beyond the basics into some fun new stylings and steps to add to your slow bal repertoire.

Kelly & Mickey 3


Moves we stole from comic books:
Join us for some creative fun as we put a spin on some old steps and unlock some super cool moves.

Kelly & Mickey 2

Mickey portrait.jpg

Connect and Flow: Exploring the opportunities that come with learning different ways to connect on the dance floor

LIVE on Saturday 19th!

Kelly & Mickey 1


Footwork extravaganza!
In this class, we’ll work on footwork variations that you can use in your pure balboa. I’ll be showing the same variations from both the followers and leaders perspective so you can use your new footwork interchangeably no matter which role you choose!

Mia 2 (solo)

Classes / Prices

12 EUR per class (1-4 classes)
10 EUR per class (5-8 classes) 
9 EUR per class (9-12 classes)


Original dancers inspiration:
A great way to learn is to study old timers. Bob & Marge Steinbrenners will be our inspiration today. We will look at their individual peculiarities and take it to a new level!

Olga 3 (solo)


Rhythms in Slow Balboa
Working on rhythmic awareness will improve your dancing no matter if you like it slow or fast. In Slow Balboa there is a lot of opportunities to get creative with rhythms. We will give you our favourite exercises and show you how you can develop your musicality.

Mette & Andreas 1


Out n ins Ergo Sum
Out n ins are the bread and butter of Bal-swing. It’s where we build momentum and flow in the dance. We will do drills to improve rhythm and flow, but also work on some newly invented footwork.

Mette & Andreas 3

If you are interested in live streamed classes make sure to click the button latest on Thursday so we have enough time to proceed your registration, payment etc.

Thank you!

3 online parties in the company of your Bal friends. DJed music by Mel Calanglan, Bal quiz, Competition, Teachers intro....
You can join the parties for FREE (click buttons below).


FRIDAY 18.12.2020 
20:00-22:00 (CET) party with DJed music, teachers intro




SATURDAY 19.12.2020 
11:00-12:00 (CET) Online class - Andreas & Mette (Class 2 "We <3 Willie")
To join the class please submit the registration form ("buy for you/ for friend" button)

18:00-19:30 (CET) Roast of Mickey & Kelly hosted by Katya Zeross

20:00-21:00 (CET) Online class - Mickey & Kelly (Class 1 "Connect & Flow")
To join the class please submit the registration form ("buy for you/ for friend" button)

21:15-23:00 (CET) party with DJed music by Mel Calanglan, #fortheloveofbalboa2020 competition results




SUNDAY 20.12.2020

18:00-19:00 (CET) Online class - Olga  (Class 1 "Turn, turn, turn...")
To join the class please submit the registration form ("buy for you/ for friend" button)

19:15-20:30 (CET) party with DJed music by Mel Calanglan, Bal quiz


The hosts of BAL-LOVE are pleased to announce the BAL-LOVE VIDEO CHALLENGE!
Win TWO FULL PASSES to Bal-Love Weekend 2021 and an album download of the Bal-Love Weekend house band, Heart of Dixie. They just released an album on Bandcamp.

Heres how to play!
* Submit one (or more) 30 second to 3 minute video(s) on Facebook and be sure to add the hashtag #fortheloveofbalboa2020
* This video can be a choreography. It could be a social dance. A music video. Spoken word. A single person, dance couple or group. Whatever you want as long as it promotes your love of Balboa.
* The videos will be judged by a panel of international instructors who will choose a winner. The winners will be announced during the Saturday Zoom party the 19th of December.
* The last day to enter the Video Challenge is the 18th of December.
We can’t wait to see what you come up with!
Please share and spread the word!


There’s more than one basic!
The original balboa dancers had many different basics. Today we learn a pretty standard universal basic, but in this class we’re going to discuss other options including Dean Raftery’s basic, Mary Almos’s basic, and the basic that I use which is a bit of a mix! And we’ll play around with rhythms so perhaps you can invent your own!

Mia 3 (solo)


Turn, turn, turn:
Here we will practice the essential skills needed for best turning: balance, posture, rotation technique. Also add a few variations and in the end put it all into a short drill sequence.

LIVE on Sunday 20th!

Olga 1 (solo)

olga marina 2.jpg

Slide here, slide there:
Prepare your slippery shoes or socks as we will do a lot of sliding! First polish the basic skillset for sliding and then explore a few types in different Bal-Swing figures.

Olga 2 (solo)


We love Willie
Who doesn’t love to watch the original dancer, Willie Desatoff, dance? His footwork is amazing. Willie is our main inspiration for this class about foot work in Bal-swing. We will work on both Out n ins and Throw outs.
LIVE on Saturday 19th!

Mette &Andreas 2


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