Bal-Love week has a total of 16 hours of workshop sessions over 5 days. On top of that, we also provide coaching and practice opportunities. We eat together, hang out and dance every evening. Our studio has a wooden floor and air-condition.

The sessions will cover everything from basics, footwork and figures to broader concepts like musicality, partnership and creativity. Some practices will be mandatory to attend, and some will be voluntary. You will get feedback both from your teachers, but also from your peers.

As one of the 36 selected attendees (per week), you will be asked to fill out (in advance) a self-assessment form in which you describe your strengths and weaknesses as a dancer, your motivation and interests, long term goals and your learning goals of the week. As instructors, we will provide a framework and a session content based on your needs and interests. 

Your instructors for week 1 will be Mia Goldsmith Holloran, Jennifer J. lee, Olga Marina, Mickey Fortanasce and Andreas Olsson.

Your instructors for week 2 will be Matt Mitchell, Jennifer J. lee, Olga Marina, Mickey Fortanasce and Andreas Olsson.

In between sessions, before or after dances or during your free time you can take a swim in the salt water pool, have a sauna or a hot tub. If you still have energy after all the dancing, you can go to the outdoor gym and play soccer, tennis, volleyball, badminton or basketball.