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To our Bal-Love community...


After an emergency meeting, we regret to announce that Bal-Love week 2021 will need to be CANCELED this year. 

Like many of you we were incredibly excited to get the chance to meet this year and are heartbroken that the event can’t take place as originally planned.


Over the past few weeks since we made our decision to move forward with both our Bal-Love weeks, we have had our eye on the situation in Czechia regarding Covid-19. 

With the recent spike in Covid-19 cases, we realise that there is a high risk of new restrictions coming into place, causing us to cancel the event. We have concluded that it’s better to cancel the event now, than later. 

Next year Bal-Love week will return to our usual summer dates:

Week 1 is 7.-12.8.2022 

Week 2 is 15.-20.8.2022 



Thank you again for your understanding, The Bal Love Team

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