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WEEK 1 (4.-9.8.2024) / WEEK 2 (12.-17.8.2024)

Enjoy a Balboa escape in the beautiful Czech countryside by participating in Bal-Love WEEK 1 & 2. As a participant, you will work with top-level mentors and other participants in workshops and coaching sessions designed to fit your goals as a dancer. With social dances every night you will also get plenty of time to enjoy what you've learned!

Our mission is to connect dancers and create a learning experience beyond what you can achieve through practicing by yourself or going to a standard weekend workshop. 

We offer two weeks. Your primary mentors during each week will be Jennifer J. Lee, Olga Marina, Mickey Fortanasce and Andreas Olsson.

Each week will have one more couple of mentors joining.
WEEK 1: 
Jacob Wigger (USA) & Lana Sedlmayr (DE)

WEEK 2: Blake Thiessen & Grace Babbes (USA)

Bal-Love WEEKEND passes will be included for all those attending WEEK 1 or 2. The WEEKEND in Prague on 9.-11.8.2024 will include 3 nights of parties at our beautiful Autoklub venue with live music, competitions, and shows. You don't have to register for the Weekend unless you want to take classes during the Weekend as well.

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