WEEK 4-9.8.2019

Bal-Love week is a five-day Balboa escape in the beautiful Czech countryside. The dates are 4th-9th of August (Sun to Fri).


This is not your ordinary workshop. Our mission is to create a learning experience beyond what you can get through practicing by yourself or going to a standard weekend workshop. Throughout the week, you will work together with top level dancers, participate in workshops and coaching sessions, designed to fit your aims as a dancer. In the evenings, we will social dance.


Jennifer Lee, Olga Marina, Mickey Fortanasce and Andreas Olsson will be your teachers and advisors. We will stay in a cozy small hotel called Stary Svet, about a one-hour south of Prague. It is an intimate setting and we will be the only guests with shared meal times.


Stary Svet has a top-level dance studio with air-condition, a salt water pool, a sauna and a hot tub. If you still have energy after all the dancing, you can go to the outdoor gym and play soccer, tennis, volleyball, badminton or basketball.


We are looking for dancers who are an advanced level and we can only accept 36 participants. As a participant of the Bal-Love week, you will also get a party pass for the Bal-Love weekend in Prague (Three parties with live bands from Fri to Sun 9th-11th of August).


We hope you consider applying!