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Our application process is designed to ensure the best learning experience. We base our decisions not only on your level of dancing but also on how quickly you learn, and your ability to work together with other dancers.

It doesn't matter if you are a single leader or follower, or if you are applying together with your dance partner. Each application will be weighed on its own merits. WEEK 1 and WEEK 2 will be balanced when it comes to leads and follows so don't worry about applying solo. 

Since we will work together during the WEEKs to improve and learn, it is a plus if the dancers we select have different backgrounds, interests, and learning styles. Maybe you are relatively new to Balboa but are an advanced dancer in other swing dances. Maybe you love to compete and perform or maybe you are more interested in social dancing. Maybe you are used to practicing by yourself, or maybe you mostly learn in classes or on the social dance floor. Maybe you have been to the WEEKs before, or it's going to be your first time.

No matter who you are, you are all welcome to apply. If you get selected to attend, we will make sure that you have everything you need to make the most out of this week.


WEEK 1 will be the more advanced week of the two weeks. However, there is always some overlap because we want to be sure applicants with aligning values are sorted into the same groups. When you apply you will be asked a series of questions and we encourage you to be honest about your goals. After your application is received and if you have been accepted we will organise you into either WEEK 1 or WEEK 2. 

You will be asked which WEEK you prefer in the application. If you don't have any preference click "any".

Video of your dancing is a mandatory part of your application. The video needs to be an online link to a video on YouTube, Google Drive, or similar. We don't accept video files. The video can be a practice video or a video of a competition. Make sure that it is easy to spot you in the video if you are not the only dancer. Make sure the video quality and light conditions are good. We encourage you to take your time and try not to rush the filming process. Send something in you enjoy. If you are the type that never feels they are good enough then send the video you hate 'least' ;). 

Applications are now CLOSED (they were open February 1st 29th). By the end of March, you will hear back from us with the results. If you have any questions meanwhile let us know by email (

Registrations for Bal-Love WEEKEND (9.-11.8.2024) are to be open in April.

As a WEEK participant, you will not need to register again for the WEEKEND, (your WEEK fee includes the party pass of the WEEKEND) unless you want to take extra classes during the WEEKEND.


We look forward to enjoying the dance floor with you!

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