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In the form of the traditional championship prize, we present the Balboa Belts to the Balboa community. The Balboa Belts are meant to promote inclusivity, challenge, and fun throughout the Balboa world. No fanfare, costumes, or money is needed to compete for the Belts, only your authenticity and good partner dancing. The Belts are largely governed by the community itself, but please consider the following rules regarding the Balboa Belts and challenges.

Please email videos or pictures of the belts challenges and adventures to:


Post them to our Facebook Group (instagram and youtube channel coming)



The Challenges

1. This competition is meant to be friendly and fun. Please handle challenges and the belts themselves with love.


2. There can be only 3 Challenges a night and you can only challenge for the belt once in one night (no re-challenging the same person the same night). 

3. The challenges must have three judges both couples can agree on. These can be mutual friends or random people in a crowd. It doesn't have to be a teacher, just people both couples trust :).

4. The three Judges will watch one dance and Blind Point to their winners (the judges close their eyes and point to the winner).

5. You should dance Balboa/BalSwing to whatever the NEXT song is. 

No requesting from DJs or Bands for something special unless agreed upon by ALL participants. So if the next song is 'Staying Alive'... You dance to Staying Alive.

5. Please film challenges and send the video to:

so that we can keep track of WHO has the belt and where they are.

6. This contest is for Pros AND Ams. However if you have won the Main Events (Strictly competitions) at the following events (All Balboa Weekend, California Balboa Classic, International Lindy Hop Championships, European Swing Dance Championships, you CAN judge but CAN NOT battle for the belts.

We Won The Belts, What's Next?


1. The belt must travel within 2 months or 10 challenges. We want this belt to travel and to have the places it visits engraved on the belt at the end of the year. So belt winners must agree to bring the belt to Balboa friendly events or social dance within 2 months and can only win the belt or keep it for 10 challenges. No keeping the belts or hiding them away ;).


2. There is a Lead Belt (Black) and a Follow Belt (White).  If the Lead and Follow Belts are separated (the couple that wins the belts do not dance together often or live in different places), they must agree to bring the unified belts to a new Balboa friendly event within 2 months or send them via mail or friend. 

3. The Balboa Belts are not be used as a prize for a larger competition with formal judges.


4. Be cool. While we encourage the Belts to travel and promote Balboa by showing up at different events and dances around the globe, the belts should not be used to disrupt these events. (ie. make sure its cool with event promotors or bands if you are going to throw down at their dances ;)). No Hijacking events.

5. If the belts are separated, you can choose whether to battle as couples or just the follow or lead. This  should be agreed on before the challenge but the belts should leave with just the lead or follow.

6. Please Don't lose the belts.


***If the belt is lost or stolen please contact so that it can be found and criminals brought to justice***

We Won But We Don't Want To Keep the Belts


1. Belt Winners can set challenges for friends or students. You don't have to keep the belt. If you find two people who want to battle for the belt, the current belt holders can set the rules of a challenge for two new couples (Not for a challenge they are in). Perhaps you ask them to dance pure bal only, dance only basics or incorporate moves with just their right arms BE CREATIVE :).

2. Especially if you are teachers or community leaders, finding fun ways to use the belts once it is in your community is appreciated and encouraged. Please take photos or videos so others can see what you come up with.

**Rules and Guidelines are subject to change in order to improve upon feedback received after the Belts initial rollout**

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