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8 hours of classes (Sat&Sun)
3 parties at Autoklub
Tasters, shows
& more.

210 EUR
5.000 CZK

PARTY pass

3 parties at Autoklub
Live music every night

Tasters, shows

& more

100 EUR
2.400 CZK

Extension classes

Additional 3 hours of classes
on Friday from 15:00
"Slow Bal" (INT or ADV)

70 EUR
1.700 CZK

Sundays party

The only party you can buy as single entry ticket is Sunday.
Tickets available at the door. Cash payments only.

30 EUR
700 CZK

Above prices are per 1 person
All passes are nontransferable (=only one person can use it the entire time of the festival).

FULL PASS = REGULAR CLASSES  = 8×60′ Sat & Sun + ALL parties. Does NOT include the price of EXTENSION classes!

EXTENSION CLASSES = 3 x 60′ CLASS on Friday 15:00-18:10

PARTY PASS = ALL parties

SINGLE PARTIES – We will sell single party tickets at the door for Sunday only.


100 EUR / 2.400 CZK
Due date of the non-refundable deposit is 2 weeks after registration is confirmed (confirmation email is sent to you)


- equal to NON-REFUNDABLE deposit

– If by any circumstances you are not able to come (also as last minute cancelation) we recommend you to sell you pass to someone. Feel free to use our Fb pages and events to offer your pass.

The new person needs to register to SAME LEVEL and as same role (L/F). 
- Any transfer of passes need to be confirmed from our side (to prevent scams)!

Payments in CZK (except of the single party tickets) are only possible for Czech citizens, thank you for understanding.


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