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The cost of the Bal-Love WEEK (classes, parties and other activities) is 395 € / person.

Both weeks will have same amount of sessions.

The cost for the accommodation at Stary Svet is 580 CZK (cca 25 EUR) per person for a bed in the dormitory or 840 CZK (cca 35 EUR) per person for bed in a shared bedroom (2-5 pers.). You will pay for 5 nights

The cost for food at Stary Svet is 1.450 CZK (ca 60 EUR) per person per day. You will pay for 5 days

Note that the cost for food and accommodation may shift slightly depending on current exchange rate.

Costs for food and accommodation is to be paid at Stary Svet upon your arrival. You can pay by VISA, MASTERCARD or by cash in CZK. It is possible to pay in EUR cash, but you will be charged an exchange fee (1 CZK per 1 EUR as exchange fee).

What do you get at Bal-Love WEEK? 

  • A total of 16 hours of sessions and coaching by Jennifer Lee, Olga Marina, Mickey Fortanasce and Andreas Olsson in a top class studio.

  • Additional practise sessions 

  • Transportation from Prague to Stary Svet and back

  • Accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner and a late night dinner at Stary Svet. Meals will be served as a buffet and have plenty of options for vegans and vegetarians as well. Meals also include one non alcoholic drink of your choice. Stary Svet also have a bar for purchasing of sodas, beer, wine and other other alcoholic drinks. Water is available for free.

  • Access to the salt-water swimmingpool, hot tub and sauna

  • Five nights of social dancing at the Bal-Love WEEK

  • Party pass to Bal-Love WEEKEND (11.-13.8.2023 Prague)

Cancellation fee for Bal-Love WEEKs​​

  • For cancellations before July 14th - 50% of the total cost of registration

  • For cancellations after July 14th - 100% of the total cost of registration

Cancellation fee for the accommodation and food at Stary Svet

  • 28 - 15 days prior to the event -  25% of the cost of accomodation. 

  • 14 (or less) days prior to the event -  50% of the cost of accommodation and 30% of the cost of the food.

If you can't come/not allowed to travel, contact us asap and we will contact a replacement. There is no guarantee that we will find one. This also depends on when the cancellation happens. 

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